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Orbita Max has a large offer of audiovisual products for corporations and institutions: from corporate videos or audiovisual creations for exhibitions and special events, to DVD editions. We are flexible and creative. Some of our clients are AGBAR, ISDIN, Fundació La Caixa, Pepsi, Vertix and Barcelona Activa.
Agbar Tower - Barcelona's most famous skyscraper
AGBAR - The sea, the big source
Vertix Real Estate Group - Institut Dexeus
AGBAR - Els camins de l'aigua (Water paths)
ISDIN - Educational Campaigns on Sun Protection
AGBAR - Communication
AGBAR - Els camins de l'aigua (Water paths)
Year: 2007
Length: 3x4'
Director: Jordi Llompart
Orbita Max
Genre: Exhibition video
Theme: Environment
To celebrate its 140th anniversary, Aigües de Barcelona has put together the exhibition "Els camins de l'aigua", for which Orbita Max produced the audiovisual content.

The exhibition includes 3 audiovisuals:

The first one represents through an artistic installation the water consumption in a given day in a city like Barcelona. The installation has 30 screens, and in each of them there's a 4 minute video representing an everyday action where water is the main focus.

The second video is installed inside a glass cube that represents a fountain. Its goal is to compare statistics from 12 different cities representing the 5 continents: Barcelona, Moscow, Paris, New York, Havana, Santiago, Cairo, Dakar, Beijing, Tokyo, Calicut and Melbourne.

The third one is a compilation of images that show the technological and human effort needed in order to have water, taking into account environmental issues.
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