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The Nomad Experience -Spiritual Heartbeats of the Planet
Year: 2006
Length: 50'
Director: Jordi Llompart
Orbita Max
Genre: Documentary
Theme: Social
THE NOMAD EXPERIENCE is an invitation to an extraordinary journey. A travel around a world of sensations that vibrate with the beats of the human condition and its contradictions. The documentary film stimulates reflection about love, loneliness, spirituality and human values. It is guided by reflections of great thinkers, writers and spiritual leaders of our time, like André Comte-Sponville, the Dalai Lama, Krishnamurti or Sigmund Freud. THE NOMAD EXPERIENCE bonds music and images to create a delicate symphony of emotions while traveling around the world.

About the music:
The globe beats with the fusion of sounds, voices and rhythms that the composer David Giró has been able to capture with great sensitivity, wisely mixing African and Asian melodies and traditional instruments with a contemporary atmosphere filled with expressivity. The music, inspired in a very emotional journey, makes of THE NOMAD EXPERIENCE a soundtrack able to touch the viewer and the listener.
India, China, Mongolia, Niger, Sudan, Mozambique, Colombia, Italy, Argentina, Spain, Great Britain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Indonesia and Australia.
Distributed By:
Isabel Pons / Orbita Max / T. +34 93 505 2030
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