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AGBAR - Aqua Romana, human technique and divine force
AGBAR - The Agbar Water Museum
AGBAR - Aqua Romana, human technique and divine force
Year: 2004
Length: 20'
Director: Jordi Llompart
Orbita Max
Genre: Exhibition video
Theme: Historical
Organized by The Museum of Water (AGBAR Foundation), the Aqua Romana exhibition features eight videos produced by Orbita Max, many of them using 3D technology to explain how the Romans used water for industrial development. The great importance water had for the Romans make it possible to offer a cycle of exhibitions (for Spain and Portugal) dedicated to Aqua Romana. The guiding thread for the two exhibitions attempts to show how our modern water culture derives from that of the Romans. In effect, we can say that until the 19th and 20th centuries we did not recover the hygienic customs and infrastructures that the Romans had.

The videos are divided in two parts:

1. Industrial uses.

2. Layout of a Roman Aqueduct (in 3D).

Orbita Max also edited a DVD about the exhibition.
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