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For television, Orbita Max specializes in documentaries. We are the creators of documentary series like “Nomads of the Human Condition”, and documentaries such as “Asha, Daughter of the Ganges”, “Water Lives”, “The Nomad Experience”, “Adventure on the Nile” or “Arabia”.

We also work in other formats for television such as the childrens’ short clips for Televisió de Catalunya “4 Potes”.
Journey to Arabia
IEC: A hundred years of Catalan Science and Culture
The Nomad Experience -Spiritual Heartbeats of the Planet
Adventure on the Nile
Asha, Daughter of the Ganges
Year: 2003
Length: 55'
Director: Jordi Llompart
Orbita Max
Cromosoma TV Produccions
Pontas Literary Agency
Genre: Documentary
Theme: Adoption
The documentary is inspired by the book with the same title by Asha Miró explaining her true-life story as an Indian born child who was adopted by a Spanish family when she was only seven years old.

The documentary explores the feelings of her childhood and all the things she has to face during her experience back in the country were she was born trying to rediscover her roots.

The documentary recreates real moments of Asha’s life. The literary script has been written from her own book and also from interviews with the key persons of her story.
Barcelona, Bombay and Nasik (India).
Asha Miró
With Participation Of:
Televisió de Catalunya
Distributed By:
Isabel Pons / Orbita Max / T. +34 93 505 2030
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