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Water Lives
Year: 2003
Length: 55'
Director: Albert Solé
Orbita Max
Genre: Documentary
Theme: Environment
Water Lives is a 55’ documentary about 5 human stories with a strong link to water. The absence or presence of water very much determines how a given society is organized. The goal of this documentary is to show how the life of five characters from
throughout the world depend on this fact. We have followed these characters in their daily life; we have gathered their feelings, worries and statements about this issue:
- The Himba tribe in Namibia
- A former fisherman in the Aral Sea region (Uzbekistan)
- An Italian naturalist in Venice
- A little girl who lives and works at the holy Ganges shores in Baranasi (India)
- An Argentinean glaciologist in Ushuaia
Namibia, Uzbekistan, Italy, India and Argentina.
With Participation Of:
Fundació AGBAR
Distributed By:
Isabel Pons / Orbita Max / T. +34 93 505 2030
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