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For television, Orbita Max specializes in documentaries. We are the creators of documentary series like “Nomads of the Human Condition”, and documentaries such as “Asha, Daughter of the Ganges”, “Water Lives”, “The Nomad Experience”, “Adventure on the Nile” or “Arabia”.

We also work in other formats for television such as the children’s’ short clips for Televisió de Catalunya “4 Potes”.


Year: 2012
Length: 4×55′
Director: Jordi Llompart
Orbita Max
Genre: Documentary
Theme: Animals
Documentary series based on denouncing the dramatic decline of the big cats in Africa, and showing the conservancy initiatives for keeping these spices alive in wildlife for the next generations.

The documentary gives the floor to conservationists and farmers who explain which is their relation with the lions, the cheetahs and the leopards and also describes the situation of these fabulous animals in Africa. Besides the explanations, the documentary shows the big cats and other animals in wildlife, several hunting scenes and conservationist initiatives.

1. Lion: The King’s Decline
2. Leopard: The Hunted Hunter
3. Cheetah: Running to Survive
4. Summary

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